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If you know me, you know I absolutely love and am grateful for technology in the classroom.  Technology allows us to engage our students in ways that were previously impossible.  My favorite technologies provide us with new experiences to enhance students’ understanding of concepts we are learning in class.  I am so excited to share with you a new technology I just learned about and tried out in my classroom this week.

Click here to learn more about PASCO

Click here to learn more about PASCO’s Wireless Motion Sensor

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In science, measurements are an integral part of labs and experiments and I recently tried the PASCO Wirless Motion to help us record position, velocity, and acceleration of objects using ultrasound.  My favorite part about this product is the fact that it took me a matter of minutes to get started with and worked flawlessly on my first try.  This is really important when I am trying a new technology in a room with thirty sets of eyes on me.  The product came with PASCO’s free MatchGraph software, which took me a matter of minutes to download onto my computer.  This software tracked the data being observed by my wireless motion and allowed me to view, save, and share with my students everything we recorded.

Click here to learn more about PASCO’s FREE MatchGraph Software

pasco 4

The great thing about this motion sensor, is it is easy for students to use in a lab or activity.  They can measure themselves and watch their motion graphed in real-time.  The Wireless Motion Sensor can detect objects within a range of 15 cm to 13 feet away. This device is wireless, which makes it very flexible for classroom use and it connects directly to your devices via Bluetooth or USB.

The Wireless Motion Sensor uses echolocation, similar to a dolphin or a bat. In order to determine the distance to an object, an ultrasonic pulse is emitted from the sensor which then listens for a signature ‘echo’ reflected back from the object’s surface. The distance to the object is calculated based on the time of flight between the ultrasonic pulse to the detected echo, and the speed of sound.  It is extremely accurate and incredibly precise, which is also a very important part of measurements and observations in any science classroom.

pasco graph

There are so many ways I can incorporate this motion sensor into labs in my classroom.  In Life Science, we begin the year by teaching our students about the scientific method and making and recording accurate and precise observations.  This tool will allow us to show our students hands-on activities to do just that.  In 8th grade physical science, students learn about velocity, acceleration and can use this motion sensor to track measure and record these in real life.  I have also been showing the math teachers on my team this motion sensor and they cannot wait use this to help them teach the concepts of motion graphing, interpreting graphs, and rate of change or slope.

My favorite part of this product is that it gives our students hands-on, first hand learning experiences.  Technologies allow us to expand our students’ understanding and provide them with engaging, meaningful activities that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  This will also help so many students who struggle with understanding complex topics by showing them with real-life applications the ideas and concepts we are teaching.  The applications and possibilities with this product and limitless.

If you have not been to PASCO’s website and explored, I strongly urge you to run on over!

RUN on over to PASCO’s website for FREE educator resources, trainings, and more!

They have so many FREE, I repeat FREE, resources for teachers.  And as a teacher, I always appreciate companies that are helping make my job easier and better.  They have free labs, activities, and tons of free resources available to help you bring engaging and exciting activities into your very own classroom.

I acknowledge that PASCO is partnering with me to participate in the promotional program described above.  As part of the program, I am receiving compensation in the form or products and services, for the purpose of promotion PASCO.  All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.  My post complies with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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