The Wonder of Ward’s Science!

Each school year, I have my students observe the stages of metamorphosis and chrysalis as our caterpillars transform into butterflies.  In seventh grade science, we teach about plants, pollination, the life cycle, cells, and ecology.  In our outdoor raise bed garden, we wanted to introduce and promote pollinators to help our garden grow year after year.  We decided to add plants that attracted pollinators to our garden.  We also hatch out our very own butterflies and release them into the garden.
What I love about Ward’s Science products is they think of everything a teacher will need to from beginning to end.  With this butterfly kit, I received all of the information, instructions, food supplies, netting, containers and caterpillars.  Each step of the process is detailed and very easy to manage and show your students.  My students made observations and recorded what they saw happening with the caterpillars on their transformation journeys.
IMG-5234 (1)
IMG-5242 (1)
My students throroughly enjoyed getting to see this first-hand and I highly recommend it to other teachers.  If this doesn’t connect to your state standards, Ward’s has SO many amazing activities, labs, and products that I know you will absolutely love!
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Check out all of the amazing things Ward’s Science has to offer:

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